Monday, April 26, 2010

it's been a while. sorry colleen!

so much has happened lately, good and bad. and i'm about to graduate from college, which is crazy. i keep thinking about how i need to do a bunch of stuff and see a lot of people before i leave.

anyway, the someone still loves you boris yeltsin concert that i set up was last monday. i put so much time into it, and it was definitely worth it. a lot of people at ferris like them now! and i'm just proud of myself for organizing the whole thing. the band stayed at our house after the show and we had a great time chatrouletting, drinking, and exchanging recipes and stories. i don't think many people can say they hang out with their favorite band all night, so as dorky as it sounds, it was really kind of a dream come true. yeah!

in other news, i've met a lot of great people lately. i'm really upset that i didn't meet any of them sooner, because now i'm leaving forever in three weeks! er, going to port huron for the summer and not coming back to big rapids in the fall. but seriously, better late than never i guess. i'm afraid to graduate. ughhh.

photo from the show: )