Sunday, January 10, 2010

teach me photography?

so i've been back at school since wednesday evening, which blows my mind because time has moved both fast and slow, as bright eyes has noted. i worried all break about coming back here and hurting people's feelings because i'm a weird girl and now i don't have to worry at all it seems. all of my problems went away and have been replaced by new ones. i'm not liking it too much.

class begins tomorrow and like every other semester in college i could really care less. i'm not worried or anxious or excited; bring it on. i need to force myself to go into work also. it's so easy for me not to go. if my ear starts feeling less fragile i can finally go to the gym as well.

i made a giant list of things to do this semester that i HAVE to do. we've already done some of them including making smoothies and playing ddr for a workout. it's hard for me to make anything like a new year's resolution since i only know what the year holds for me through may when i graduate. it's super crazy that i'm going to graduate from college. i have zero plans right now, so please don't ask about them and remind me that it's time for RL (that's real life). besides my list of things to do to enjoy my semester, i plan to talk to the people that matter to me more often. i used to go for weeks without talking to shelby or colleen and i can't let that happen anymore! i'm also really looking forward to sxsw in march. instead of worrying about a multitude of things i can't control, i'll just try to think about that and listen to LOTS of music in preparation.

i've never really liked sundays anyway.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

yesterday i had a tympanoplasty surgery to fix the hole in my eardrum. they shaved off some of the hair around my ear, and i'm sad. but other than that, i'm in good shape. (get the reference...?) anyway, hopefully the constant ringing in my ear will stop and i'll be able to hear better. at least i can swim underwater again.

today i'm going to lunch with annie and mandi, and later on hopefully seeing colleen. i might go back to ferris tomorrow, even though i'm a little weary because i have my hands full there. uhh, yeah. but this semester should be a great time. it's my last one, which is pretty terrifying. what to dooo, what to do.

time for a crazy semester.

Monday, January 4, 2010


i made this because i love colleen towler. and i should write more. it can be my new year's resolution. !

(new year's twenty ten).