Tuesday, January 5, 2010

yesterday i had a tympanoplasty surgery to fix the hole in my eardrum. they shaved off some of the hair around my ear, and i'm sad. but other than that, i'm in good shape. (get the reference...?) anyway, hopefully the constant ringing in my ear will stop and i'll be able to hear better. at least i can swim underwater again.

today i'm going to lunch with annie and mandi, and later on hopefully seeing colleen. i might go back to ferris tomorrow, even though i'm a little weary because i have my hands full there. uhh, yeah. but this semester should be a great time. it's my last one, which is pretty terrifying. what to dooo, what to do.

time for a crazy semester.

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  1. I want to get my nose pierced too! We should do it together! That would be cute :P Glad i got to see you! Have a safe drive tomorrow.