Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Diary of Dresses

i really don't have anything to update about (except more bad luck, but i won't trouble you), so here are some silly shots of my dress collection. i am making my boyfriend photograph each one and doing a few a day, so these are from the floral collection. i'm trying alllllll of them on to help me decide what to bring on our croatia trip, but it's also nice to have a wardrobe diary so i can just look at pictures of my outfits and know if that's what i want to rock that day. 
how about you? do you keep a "wardrobe diary?"
 urban outfitters - pockets are always a huge plus!

 jcpenney. my toenails match!

 kohls, by elle.

kohls, by derek heart. man i have had this dress for forever!

sweet dreams! i'm watching the second to last episode of season 2 game of thrones, and then hittin' the hay!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Treasures #3

So I have been doing WAY too much spending lately on account of my upcoming trip to Croatia and Venice, Italy. I still have a few dresses with the tags on, and I'm seriously contemplating returning them because I am feeling some buyer's remorse. Hopefully I can get over it, because I really like them! 
Most of my treasures today are actually things that I've purchased for the trip. Enjoy!

This journal from Target, by Carolina Pad. (I couldn't find it on Target's website). I have gazed upon so many cute travel journals, but I couldn't beat this cute print for $6! I'm excited to record every moment of the vacation!

these sandals from h&m. i don't see them on the website anymore, but that's where i snatched this photo from the other day. wonder if that means they are all gone! i love the print and they are really comfy. i just have to be careful where i wear them so i don't get the fabric all dirty!

this dress from kohl's by elle! i call it my garden party dress. i wore it in this post. i love the fit and style, so, like, mad men. i don't really know, i've actually yet to watch that show! 

black and white film! it really turns out so beautiful using actual black and white film as opposed to just editing your photos afterwards. sometimes i don't load my film 100% correctly and only get like three shots on a roll, so i'm crossing my fingers now that luck is on my side this time!

oooooh! there is a fox in this mug! i love foxes now, so my collection needs to start somewhere! unfortunately i can't really justify the price of this one. like i mentioned last week, i love just about everything that modcloth has to offer in the kitchen department. i will probably just end up showing every single thing. ugh, want!

lastly, this is just amazing. i found it circulating on pinterest. turns out it was made by a talented etsy-ist, who else?. i wonder who owns this! for $250, i wish it could be me. i bet whoever this person is has the best dreams. check out this shop, they have some really cool things! people are so creative.

happy tuesday! what finds did you grab this week?

Sunday, May 27, 2012


this weekend, andrew and i came home to port huron for memorial day weekend. i brought summer clothes, because i looked at the forecast the other day and it was supposed to be hot and mostly sunny all weekend. alas, it was hot and sunny friday when i decided to forgo the beach, and now it's been mid-60s and rainy for two days. anyway, i obviously love being home with my cats and all my stuff that is still here, and a target one mile away as opposed to four. so here are a few hipstamatic prints to represent my weekend!
just crossed into canada. the red lights are from a canadian casino right on the water. kind of an eyesore.

waiting in line at customs

canadian treats; tim hortons cafe mocha, really good chips, milk chocolate 'buttons', and a coffee crisp, of course.

some of my favorite decorations in andrew's family's cottage. his dad and the other owner are both dentists.

there is a map of the tube downstairs! it is so awesome, but most of it is blocked my bunk beds, so i didn't get good pictures.

"we laser toenail fungus." oh, canada.

so we stayed the night in the cottage. it's really cute! too bad we didn't have nicer weather, but it was fun watching 'old school' (i hadn't seen it), eating treats, and seeing all the tacky old furniture and decor. and i love how everything in canada is also in french. we drove by an all french school! mind you, this is right across the u.s. border and not far north in canada at all. 

how is your memorial day weekend treating you?

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Stroke of Bad Luck

andrew and i drove home (to port huron for the long weekend, yay!) and we talked about how a lot of bad luck has struck us lately. there's no denying that we are really blessed to be able to go to croatia and italy in two weeks (from today!), but lately things have just been tough! andrew's car was totaled in that accident a month ago and he still hasn't found a new car, then my check engine light came on yesterday, so i had to take our remaining car into the shop this morning. also, our hours at work are likely being cut, and since we have the same job and no other jobs, that is tough. i guess those are the main things, and i don't want to complain, but geez! i can't wait to find a job that actually requires the college degree i worked so hard for, and that i feel is making a difference somehow. hopefully after our trip i will find something.

anyway, i wanted to share this video - i came across this song when i was making a "breaking bad" playlist on spotify and i couldn't stop listening to it! it just makes me want to wiggle around and dance dance! or close my eyes and imagine i am on a tropical island listening to this! they are so talented.

so today i have a million little errands to run, which i don't mind. luckily i can use my dad's car while mine is being fixed. keep your fingers crossed that it isn't anything major. i wish public transportation was a little more viable where i lived!

oh well, enough complaints for today. the stop war on women rally last night was great! there were quite a few people there, and i saw the mayor, who i was hoping would support the cause. i really urge you all to stand up for your rights so they aren't taken away!

happy friday: )

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Am Woman!

tonight i am so excited to attend a stop war on women rally in downtown grand rapids. i have pretty strong feelings on social equality issues, particularly this one, so i hope to see a great turn out. i mean, can you believe that obama tries to be a good guy and make birth control free and easily available and then the republicans turn around and go, "actually, we've been meaning to just totally outlaw birth control anyway. and abortions. and planned parenthood. and the morning after pill!" i just don't understand where these people come from! i don't mean to get too political on my blog, but come. on. this is NOT okay. so i'm interested to see what happens! i'm bringing a camera and my listening ears, so i'll be reporting back. i hope you all support this cause and attend a rally in your city!

susan b. anthony. listen to her“there shall never be another season of silence until women have the same rights men have on this green earth.”

amen, sister!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Treasures #2

brought to you by me window shopping on the internet:

this pillow from etsy! representing the great lakes. i love how simple it is, but it has such meaning for michiganders!

this journal from anthropologie is so neat! i have been oogling over journals lately since i have been searching for a travel journal. somehow i keep finding regular journals that i do not need but really really want!

speaking of travel, you've heard that quote from j.r.r. tolkien, "not all those who wander are lost" i assume? this etsy seller will personalize a luggage tag with your name on it. i love this!

i almost bought these coasters from a store near me called art of the table, but they are also available at modcloth. so fun! i am really loving all of the kitchen stuff that modcloth has, so i will save some to show for future tuesdays. i dream of having an amazing kitchen, someday!

i bought this dress the other day when i stopped at an h&m. i love the color! i have been spending way too much money lately on "dresses for croatia" which has turned into a lot of other things i didn't really need as well. oh well, i could die tomorrow but i will look great in this dress today!

finally, i already have an obama sweatshirt, but with 90 degree days (like the other day), i could really use this v-neck! 4 more years!

what goodies have you been eyeing lately?

p.s. the winner of the kurt vonnegut giveaway is colleen! congratulations, colleen! i need your mailing info so your print can be sent!

Monday, May 21, 2012


andrew and i went car shopping last weekend, but i found this for myself. i think i need a summer only car, yes?

today i get to train my friend kate at work! so it should be a little more exciting than usual. did anyone get to see the solar eclipse last night?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beach Comber

this weekend has been gorgeous, so andrew and i decided to get our base tans started for croatia at the beach! we drove to saugatuck, a really pretty town (that i had never been to!) about 40 minutes away on lake michigan. we went to the state park and it was great, way nicer than grand haven (crowded and often dirty) or holland (also super crowded). i think we have finally found a beach for us on the west side! it was about a mile walk from the parking lot to the water, but it was really beautiful!

then we made it to the sun!
 rocking my film camera and new john lennon tank from h&m <3
yes, andrew is on my nsync towel : ) i vividly remember finding this at a meijer in my youth for like $7 and making my parents buy it for me.
then as i started taking some pictures of andrew, a nice woman said she would take the photos of both of us, and didn't mind taking multiple, some in the sand, some in the water. i still have some faith in people!
well i guess they are a little blurry, but still fun. i don't have an action setting on my digital. so anyway, after we left the beach we checked out downtown and had an oberon and some food at the butler restaurant out on the deck. great end to the afternoon!

now that we are home, i know i got the sun i wanted. major tan lines! if you wondered, andrew and my swimsuits are both splurges from j crew.

part of our beach playlist today (on the drive, andrew as dj):
architecture in helsinki "do the whirlwind"
b52s "rock lobster"
belle and sebastian "sukie in the graveyard"
ben keller "how it should be"
beyonce "countdown"
best coast "boyfriend"
billy bragg and wilco "ingrid bergman"
cat stevens "on the road to find out"
conor oberst "nikorette"
the faint "southern belles in london sing"
fanfarlo "luna"
rodrigo y gabriela "tamacun"

today's beach reads:
andrew - "the hunger games" by suzanne collins
angela - "the city of falling angels" by john berendt - it's about venice, italy!

i hope you all had a relaxing weekend! what did you do to enjoy the weather?

p.s. don't forget to enter my first giveaway, tomorrow is the last day to enter!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

In the Morning

it's going to be a beautiful and exciting day! i just know it. i'm getting ready right now and then hopefully the day will go a little like this: farmer's market, gluten free food fair, seeing my friend josh who just moved here, weeding a little bit outside, having some beers on our front porch with our friends brad and kate, and who knows what else! for now i'll leave you with some film photos of one of my cats (who lives with my parents, not me), ellie! she's such a pretty girl.

and now it's coffee time! hope you enjoy your saturday: )

Thursday, May 17, 2012

B&W Portraits

i haven't shot much film lately, so while i catch up, i think i'll share some of my old favorites. these three are black and white portraits of a few of my friends.

 kristyn; big rapids, mi

 nick; big rapids, mi

roger; detroit, mi

wow, i just love film so much! i can't wait to take several rolls in croatia. i need to find some black and white film asap for shots like these as well. i used my dad's pentax k1000 to take these.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Giveaway // Lollipops and Roses

i am so excited to announce my first giveaway! hopefully there will be many more to come, but i think this will get us off on the right foot. 

stephanie hendren is a very talented graphic designer from our neighbor to the north (really to the east, me being from port huron and all), canada! stephanie has a great blog, Lollipops and Roses that i urge you to check out! her latest post has some summer fashion inspiration for all those bbqs we'll all surely be attending. she also has a great etsy print shop, which is where you can find more prints like the one we're giving away. i am also really pleased to be working with stephanie because she is going to make me a fancy blog header! i can't wait; i need a makeover on here for sure. check out her other etsy shop if you need a great blog header at an affordable price. onto the giveaway!

what: this lovely 8x10 is what is up for grabs. i love the quote because i think we should all focus more on the little joys in life, and this is a healthy reminder to do that. i also love the colors and font and really everything about it!

how to enter: visit stephanie's blog and come back here to comment with which dress you would wear (or for the fellas, that you'd like your date to wear) to a summer bbq!

optional bonus entries: (please leave separate comment for each entry):
-tweet about the giveaway; example: enter to win a #kurtvonnegut print from @lollisandroses on the blog!
-follow stephanie on twitter
-follow stephanie's super cute blog
-favorite stephanie's etsy shop!

*additional extra special entry if you follow me!

when: enter by midnight standard eastern time on may 21st. winner will be announced may 22nd.

good luck!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Treasures #1

treasures i absolutely love and need! buy them for me? here they are:
this shirt from etsy to show my michigan pride.

i always knew i liked kate spade's bags as opposed to other designer bags, but i have a new unhealthy obsession with her stuff, since i can barely afford a deck of her playing cards. she is amazing. i want it all.

this journal from chronicle books. they seriously have the cutest things ever. and it's all quite affordable. i looked at some of these when i was in schuler books the other day and even the pages on the inside are filled with pretty details. want!

this pretty dress from lovenell. i don't usually wear white, but i wantttt this! (i found lovenell through cakies giveaway).

this colorful, geometric locket from etsy. she has a lot of great stuff! 

this glow-in-the-dark pineapple dress from urban outfitters! so fun.

these minty shoes from b.a.i.t. footwear that make me want to attend a hoe down. (i found out about b.a.i.t. through the dainty squid giveaway).