Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mug Collection

so i don't really know what kind of a blog i want to have, but i've just been so inspired by some of the other blogs i've been following that i know i want to try and keep it up! since nothing totally exciting has happened since the gala (except our trivia team came in first on sunday with a near perfect score of 85!) i thought i would share one of my collections with you. since i am a barista, and i love coffee, it's only fitting that i have a much too large collection of coffee mugs! i have several of them stowed away at my parents' house, and some of them packed away in the attic because our kitchen isn't ideal to display allllll of them. but here are some of my most prized!

my go-to mug these days. this morning it holds my gevalia french roast and hazelnut coffee-mate creamer.

the above mug is from the very talented etsy-ist MaidOfClay, who custom made this true blood mug for me! (i found her through a similar one by her on pinterest that drew me in, btw) i love love it, but i keep it up on my desk because i don't trust anyone and i don't want it to be lost or broken. if you haven't seen true blood, listen to the theme song and you'll understand! the fang marks on the rim are the best part: ) the front says "i wanna do bad things with you."

this mug has sadly been worn out since this photograph. one scary similarity is that this photo was taken the night my two front teeth were chipped and alas, the mug is now chipped. it still sits on my desk because i love it too much to say goodbye.

this is one side of my vintage owl mug that i found at my favorite big rapids thrift store, the wise shopper. i hope nothing bad ever happens to this lil guy!

found this cutie during our stop at minty keen the other day! the year on it says 1956, and it's just adorable. if you're in grand rapids, you must check out this shop: )

i love my south dakota mug. not sure why, i guess because i like that it's kind of etched and not just printed on. makes me want to visit one day, for sure!

 if you haven't been to tim hortons, GO!


this tuesday i have work and trivia, or that is the plan. and i've been missing the sun, so hopefully it makes an appearance today. i also have to announce that today is exactly one month until our trip to croatia!!
what have you got goin' on? do you collect anything? watch for owls, mushrooms, and pin-back buttons at some point!


  1. Ahhh, where did you get that Beatles mug? It's awesome!

    1. it's from the store FYE, my co-worker bought it for me a couple summers ago: )

  2. I love your mug collection, so useful and cute! I used to collect madame alexander dolls...and all glass dolls really. IT sounds super creepy now. lol

    1. dudeeee, that does sound kind of creepy. i was always afraid of the dolls i had that weren't barbies/cabbage patch/water babies. so pretty much glass china dolls. so scary!
      and thanks! come drink coffee with me<3