Sunday, May 13, 2012

Now You're On the Trolley!

last night we went to our friend annamarie's amazing birthday party! she rented a space in an old building in grand rapids called the herkimer hotel. the theme was 20s/30s, and although i have almost purchased a fringy dress in the past, i had to make do with my wardrobe. i think the headband pulled it together although it definitely made it difficult to think, so tight! there were so many great outfits last night, i was really impressed! anyway, everyone contributed to the bar, so there were some fun drinks to try (mint julep like the kentucky derby!!) and classic tunes from the decades. there was also a photobooth! i love love those! wouldn't it be great if this was a real bar? and if we lived in the 1920s? ever seen midnight in paris? man, that would be an amazing time to live in.
the below photos are of the bar area. it just looked so fantastic! annamarie is a visionary, she throws such great events.

the next photos are behind-the-scenes photobooth fun! the birthday girl, annamarie is the one in the great long peach dress.

a huge thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, andrew, for taking the amazing photos of me! i don't have more of him because i don't have steady enough hands and i wasn't feelin' the flash look. i did take most of the other photos that i am not in though!

what decade do you like to celebrate? i'm thinking of expanding my wardrobe to be ready for all these themed events! it's so fun to dress up!


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  2. This is an awesome thing you think people only do on t.v. and movies for their birthdays! Who knew it really happens?! Everyone looks amazing and those are really great pictures!