Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Treasures #3

So I have been doing WAY too much spending lately on account of my upcoming trip to Croatia and Venice, Italy. I still have a few dresses with the tags on, and I'm seriously contemplating returning them because I am feeling some buyer's remorse. Hopefully I can get over it, because I really like them! 
Most of my treasures today are actually things that I've purchased for the trip. Enjoy!

This journal from Target, by Carolina Pad. (I couldn't find it on Target's website). I have gazed upon so many cute travel journals, but I couldn't beat this cute print for $6! I'm excited to record every moment of the vacation!

these sandals from h&m. i don't see them on the website anymore, but that's where i snatched this photo from the other day. wonder if that means they are all gone! i love the print and they are really comfy. i just have to be careful where i wear them so i don't get the fabric all dirty!

this dress from kohl's by elle! i call it my garden party dress. i wore it in this post. i love the fit and style, so, like, mad men. i don't really know, i've actually yet to watch that show! 

black and white film! it really turns out so beautiful using actual black and white film as opposed to just editing your photos afterwards. sometimes i don't load my film 100% correctly and only get like three shots on a roll, so i'm crossing my fingers now that luck is on my side this time!

oooooh! there is a fox in this mug! i love foxes now, so my collection needs to start somewhere! unfortunately i can't really justify the price of this one. like i mentioned last week, i love just about everything that modcloth has to offer in the kitchen department. i will probably just end up showing every single thing. ugh, want!

lastly, this is just amazing. i found it circulating on pinterest. turns out it was made by a talented etsy-ist, who else?. i wonder who owns this! for $250, i wish it could be me. i bet whoever this person is has the best dreams. check out this shop, they have some really cool things! people are so creative.

happy tuesday! what finds did you grab this week?

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