Friday, May 11, 2012

Hot Dogs and Ice Cream

today was the prettiest day we've had since last friday, so we had to celebrate! we almost went back to cinco de mayo for the sangria margaritas, but we walked up the street to jonny b'z instead. being vegetarian, it's always great to find a delicious veggie dog, and theirs is delicious. they also toast the bun, yum! i got mustard, tomatoes, onions, and pickles on mine. andrew always gets the veggie chili.
 i like the above picture because the little girl at the pinball machine had a crazy outfit on! a crazy orange piece in her hair, a nice dress, and cowboy boots! andrew looks nice too; )
we walked back home to eat on our swing!
 i lost this necklace with some of my other jewelry for a year and a half and i FINALLY found it! i always get compliments on it and tonight was no exception.
 new beer we tried from martha's vineyard. they spoke very highly of it. i really like it for an IPA. check out their website here.
brad walked over to join us for dessert. andrew took us to the jersey junction in east grand rapids. the line was huge, but went pretty fast.
they had hudsonville ice cream, so delicious! and a large assortment of candy and other treats. i'm not going back to eastown sweet treats after coming to this place. they had great prices, too. next time i want to try the chocolate covered fruit kabob, it looked sooooo good.
we walked around gaslight village with our ice cream and andrew almost lost his scoop.
brad's new friend!

my blue lips and my pretty boyfriend. happy friday! how did you spend the day?