Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Treasures #2

brought to you by me window shopping on the internet:

this pillow from etsy! representing the great lakes. i love how simple it is, but it has such meaning for michiganders!

this journal from anthropologie is so neat! i have been oogling over journals lately since i have been searching for a travel journal. somehow i keep finding regular journals that i do not need but really really want!

speaking of travel, you've heard that quote from j.r.r. tolkien, "not all those who wander are lost" i assume? this etsy seller will personalize a luggage tag with your name on it. i love this!

i almost bought these coasters from a store near me called art of the table, but they are also available at modcloth. so fun! i am really loving all of the kitchen stuff that modcloth has, so i will save some to show for future tuesdays. i dream of having an amazing kitchen, someday!

i bought this dress the other day when i stopped at an h&m. i love the color! i have been spending way too much money lately on "dresses for croatia" which has turned into a lot of other things i didn't really need as well. oh well, i could die tomorrow but i will look great in this dress today!

finally, i already have an obama sweatshirt, but with 90 degree days (like the other day), i could really use this v-neck! 4 more years!

what goodies have you been eyeing lately?

p.s. the winner of the kurt vonnegut giveaway is colleen! congratulations, colleen! i need your mailing info so your print can be sent!


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE I WON #SUCCESS!! So excited! haha. By the way I like all of your purchases as of late. I love the pillow and the travel tag. A friend of mine out here who has been to Croatia said you should go to the Dalmatian islands, heard of them? Anyway I will text you my address. I love you! p.s i also love your mint colored dress, i am obsessed with that color this season!

    1. yay so excited for you! i have heard of them. we are going to some islands - hvar is one and i can't remember the others right now. i also haven't bought most of the things i posted, but i did get the dress in this post, which i love! got to save some money so i can come visit you one day: )