Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Diary of Dresses

i really don't have anything to update about (except more bad luck, but i won't trouble you), so here are some silly shots of my dress collection. i am making my boyfriend photograph each one and doing a few a day, so these are from the floral collection. i'm trying alllllll of them on to help me decide what to bring on our croatia trip, but it's also nice to have a wardrobe diary so i can just look at pictures of my outfits and know if that's what i want to rock that day. 
how about you? do you keep a "wardrobe diary?"
 urban outfitters - pockets are always a huge plus!

 jcpenney. my toenails match!

 kohls, by elle.

kohls, by derek heart. man i have had this dress for forever!

sweet dreams! i'm watching the second to last episode of season 2 game of thrones, and then hittin' the hay!

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  1. Floral Dresses are my weakness! I love them all!!!!!! For your trip I would for sure bring #1 and #2. I love bright colors for summer, and I love button down dresses like that! xo