Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Feline

i have had a cold on top of allergies all week and now i have a bad headache, so this is about all i can muster today. i already introduced you to my cat, ellie. this is dewey! he is named after dewey the library cat. we got him when he was about 4 months old from a shelter after i found him on petfinder and fell in love. he is such a big boy! ellie doesn't like him that much, but i think they mostly get along fine. he kind of acts like a dog and loves to rub his face on anything and everything. it's so funny learning your cats' personalities.
 huge paws!!!
i think he's posing.
aw, what a big handsome kitty cat.

i will have to introduce you to mr. kitty soon. another orange guy, but with a whole different personality. i'm kind of like his godmother, or so i like to think. i wish i could have him forever. but that story is for another time. anyway, where did you all find your pets from? 

happy june, and i hope the weather is better wherever you are!

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