Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Treasures #4 / Pinterest Edition

this edition of tuesday treasures is inspired by things i found on pinterest that i want! have you bought anything you found on pinterest? i sure have!

this is like, the most beautiful camera i have ever seen. i found it on pinterest, then it led me to a blog that led me to another pinterest-esque site called the fancy, which then led me to 'fancy' a bunch of stuff before i finally found the link to this gorgeous camera. pretty sure this baby is real gold. i didn't even try to search for a price on the page i finally ended up on, so maybe i can shoot with it in my dreams.

i think this rug is absolutely hilarious! it's $35 on amazon, but i figure i can easily make this myself if i can find a plain doormat. so pumped about making this!

this is so adorable! it's a custom made portrait from Jordan Grace on flickr. i imagine she has an etsy maybe, but this is where pinterest took me. She makes the most amazing drawings, and there is even little paperdolls she created which i assume she made in the likeness of someone. want!!

so allegedly i can't actually buy this toaster. according to this article about cool toasters, this is given to owners in japan who bring their cars in for servicing or something. just like the actual van, i may never own this. they are for sale on ebay, but they are well over $200! damn!

this ring from etsy is crazy awesome because it is actually your fingerprint! or your significant other's? i think that would be a super cute way to order it. how the heck do people come up with this stuff? i love this, and for $89, it's possibly the second cheapest treasure this tuesday. 

i guess i should live in chicago, because the maker of this spectacular pillow describes the blasphemy of putting ketchup on your hotdog there (yeah, it's gross, i already knew that but whatever!) so even though it may be blasphemy for me to be eating a veggie dog, i will never put ketchup on it! for those of you who don't know, i loveeeeee mustard, and so i loveeeee this pillow, also from etsy. so silly. and $35. good, i was getting worried all of these things were in the hundreds or thousands of dollars today!

what treasures have you swooned over on the internet this week? there is just so much good stuff out there!!

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