Thursday, November 29, 2012

Giveaway // Treats and Eats Christmas Ornament!

Ho ho ho, another giveaway! (Don't forget, the Telestrations giveaway is still open). Tis the season of giving! This is an exciting one for me because the talented artist is my friend from college, Angela. We are both Angelas! We went to Ferris State University for Music Industry Management (in case you were curious), and as soon as I found out about her craft on-the-side, I asked to partner up with her for this giveaway. Thankfully, she said yes!
Angela makes the most darling little trinkets and jewelry that look like treats - you know, lattes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, pies, etc.! She has a passion for food, so combined with her creativity she "decided to offer mini food trinkets to the masses." Her Etsy shop is so so cool, and Angela is being extra awesome and giving you 15% off with the order code LOVELYLLORYS. Take advantage! Since Christmas is on everyone's mind, Angela is giving one of my readers her Christmas Tree Cookie Ornament to deck the tree with! Aren't they adorable? This girl's got some mean "mini-making" talent. 

On to the giveaway! To enter, you must visit Angela's etsy shop, Treats and Eats, and leave me a comment sharing your favorite item. Then use the rafflecopter widget to officially submit that entry. There are more ways to enter as well if you want to increase your chances. You have until next Wednesday at midnight, and you must have a mailing address in the U.S. or Canada. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Treasures #9

It's that time of year! Over the weekend I worked on gathering my family's Christmas lists, but I also had to figure out some things that I want! Since no one can afford the new MacBook I desperately need, I've come up with some alternative ideas. 

I am loving this camera bag from Jo Totes, it's so gorgeous! Who would have thought camera bags could be such a nice accessory? And for just over $100, it's not too expensive. Crossing my fingers that I get this come Christmas morning!

What could be better than this shirt sporting a classic quote from a classic movie, Home Alone? PebbyForevee on Etsy makes it happen! If you weren't aware, Home Alone is my most FAVORITE movie!

I love TV on DVD, but Andrew thinks DVDs are pointless. They kind of are, but there's something so great about popping in a DVD of Sex and the City every once in a while! At the top of my list this Christmas would be "My So-Called Life." I was a little young when the show aired, and the time I tried the rent it from the library it was all scratched up! Since I love Claire Danes and her name is Angela in the show, I've always wanted to see that one beautiful season in its entirety: )

Can't do a list without a little Kate Spade, I just can't help it. These Locked in Studs match a bangle I have and I'm crossing my fingers I score these under the tree!

Finally, I live in Michigan so I need some updated winter gear. I've been keeping my eye out for some Oxford boots, and these ones from Zara and kind of what I'm looking for. I also need a new coat! I'm thinking just a knee-length puffy black one like this one from J. Crew factory. Mmm, warmth.

What's on your list this year? I know this post seems awfully greedy, I also think it's important to give to those in need this season! I'll do a post about that soon: ) Happy almost hump day!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giveaway // Telestrations!

Hello my lovely readers! I am really excited about this giveaway! One of you will win a Telestrations game - the fun new party game from USAopoly. They sent me the game to try out, and we finally got to this weekend, being home for the holiday. I can't wait to play it with more people this holiday season. The goal of the game is to have fun and laugh a lot, and we sure did! Here's how you play:          

Telestrations is for 4-8 people, and we had 6. I think the more the merrier (and increased fun)! Anyway, everyone gets their own booklet, dry erase marker, and eraser to start. 

Then everyone gets a card and you decide if you'd like to do "This Side" or "That Side." We did a couple of each. Then someone rolls the die and everyone must draw the corresponding number's secret word. In that round I had to draw Old School, it was so difficult!

So you write the secret word on the first page, and then draw it on the second page. The you pass the whole book to the person on your left. They look at your drawing and write their guess of what it is. Then the whole book is passed to the left again.

 Then the next person looks at the previous guess and draws their best interpretation of it, so the above drawing was for the guess "falling in love." 

This goes back and forth until you get your book back. Then it's time to see how your initial secret word has progressed! And time for laughs.

We were all dying here because Mr. Hall's word was boxer and he drew a boxer. I guessed boxer, Andrew drew a pretty great match, but then Andrew's dad thought the gloves in the match were hearts and guessed "Falling In Love!" So somehow we went from "Boxer" to "True Love." So silly! (And Andrew's dad didn't even want to play, looks like he was having fun there!)

You can choose to score competitively or friendly. We did friendly, so you awarded one point for your favorite drawing and one for your favorite guess, and you also got one for yourself if your secret word matched the final guess - I think that only happened about 5 times out of our three rounds!

My favorite things about Telestrations were how silly the progression could be from the initial word to the final guess, the fact that they have dry erase booklets instead of wasting a bunch of paper, and that it was simple to set up and play and way fun! Thanks, Telestrations for sharing!

Here's a video that Telestrations asked me to share, and it seems qu accurate! 
Now onto the giveaway! I have to limit it to the United States only. I hope you will enter! Just think of all the fun you could bring to your family's holiday get-togethers: ) a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

 I went out last night and had one beer, saw the most important person necessary, and took an adorable picture! Andrew and Laura (Colleen's other best friend and one of the sweetest people I have ever met) were there as well, just no pictures of them!

Ellie is the most photogenic girl. I love getting to see her!

Andrew feels the same way about his dog, Heidi. Aww.

The table spread at Andrew's neighbors' house, where we had our first meal of the day. 

 Andrew's plate, not mine. I didn't eat any turkey, and good thing because it makes you tired and I'm about to go shopping! My crazy mother is at Walmart (and so is my dad, but he works there) trying to get a television. I refused to face that madness, so I am waiting until Macy's opens at midnight, then going to Target at 4am (ugh), and Kohl's tomorrow before the good sales end. Craziness!

What was the best part of your Thanksgiving? The weather here was amazing today, so besides the obvious, that was my favorite part! And are you going Black Friday shopping? It's such a shame so many stores opened on Thanksgiving this year. Hopefully next year they can just open at like 8am and then I won't have to give up sleeping! Have a good night, whatever you're doing!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I am definitely borrowing an idea from Shell over at Kitty and Buck today with this "currently" post. Check out Shell's blog, you'll be getting to know her a little better on Lovely Llorys pretty soon!
My final Hostess purchase. Also, I can't believe it was THAT big of a deal! Who even eats it anymore??

Andrew has introduced me to so many great television shows and movies throughout our relationship. We are currently watching four shows. Dexter - I am not as thrilled with this show anymore at this point, but this season is pretty great since Dexter doesn't seem to be afraid to tell anyone and everyone about his dark passenger. Homeland - I LOVE Claire Danes in this show and it is so captivating! If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it! How I Met Your Mother - I've said it before and I'll say it again - this show is so relevant to my life. The jokes are hilarious. So good. And last but not least, Parks and Rec! We are on season 3 right now - for some reason I just never bothered to watch it until now. Oh Amy Poehler, how I have so so much respect and admiration for you now. And if the Daniel Craig man pillow truly exists, someone point me in that direction!

Listening to
For a Music Business major, I have really been lacking in the new music apartment. I feel ashamed about this. Anyway, I have been listening to NPR. Where I'm originally from in Michigan, we didn't get the Michigan Radio station, but since I've discovered it in Grand Rapids, I've been one of those "I heard on NPR..." people. Makes me feel so intelligent! The music I've been listening to lately consists of embarrassing pop music (Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber), The Beatles, and the new Sufjan Christmas album!

Hmm, if only I had some exciting plans. I am planning my holiday shopping budget for one. My mom and I go Black Friday shopping as a tradition, so that's a plan in itself. I also am planning to finally get a real job. I've been trying for months, but I have a couple leads, so I'm really excited! And nervous, but hopefully I can make a lasting impression.

Thinking about
Planning something big to look forward to! As in, a vacation! We were looking at plane tickets to random destinations, and Costa Rica popped up as a possible spring break destination. I've never been to that part of the world, so rather than hitting up our old friend Florida, we are considering that!
We are also thinking about getting a cat! I will obviously post more if that ends up happening. We found one we really like at the shelter the other day, so we're crossing our fingers!

Looking forward to
Thanksgiving! I can't wait to go home and see my family, friends, and kitties! One of my best friends, Colleen is home from California, and I cannot wait to see her. Just one more day before we head over. I'm also excited to see Lincoln when we are home this weekend!

Funny you should ask! I have been taking foreverrrr to read the third book in the Game of Thrones series even though I know it will be so good once I can really dive into it. Maybe I'll have some time this weekend to read. But it's funny because a few friends and I are starting a book/classic movie club! Andrew gets to pick the first book, so we are anxiously awaiting his choice! I choose fourth out of 4, haha. I'd love ideas for great book club books so I can blow everyone away with my choice!

Making me happy
Playing Just Dance 4 on the new Wii U and finally feeling like I'm getting a little exercise. New friends and a new iPhone. Making something of my blog. Thanksgiving being just two days away. Parks and Rec; every episode makes me smile.

Happy almost weekend! (If you are lucky enough to enjoy the long weekend). If not, I'm sorry you have to work and I hope people are really nice to you!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday Party Tips feat. LaDawn!

Happy Holidays! They're here, whether you like it or not. I'm not hosting my own holiday party this year, but I am helping a friend out with hers, so I thought I'd share a little inspiration with you for your gathering, whether it be a big party or just a few friends!

I am excited to feature an Etsy shop called ladawnelaine. LaDawn is from the town across from my hometown - catch - it's in Canada! Such a small world. Anyway, LaDawn makes vintage inspired decor - mainly cupcake and cake toppers and party decor. It's gorgeous stuff that you should consider adding to your party, plus - she's offering Lovely Llorys readers a 10% discount through the end of November - november10.
LaDawn customized these cupcake toppers for me - I asked for Merry Christmas in different languages, so we are representing French, Spanish, Croatian, and Hawaiian! She can make them with or without the lace as well: )

By the way, I used this recipe to make just 6 cupcakes for my demo (I multiplied the recipe by 3). 

Gift Wrap:
I love wrapping gifts - a love not granted to everyone. I like pretty paper from the store, creating my own reusing paper grocery bags, or using old maps. I went with pretty paper from the store for this one.
My grandma (Llorys, as in Lovely Llorys), is a great lady who I take after in her knack for collecting things. One of her collections is Woody from Toy Story! I got this for her during Halloween clearance, isn't he cute?
First Christmas present = wrapped! I used LaDawn's handmade Christmas gift tags atop my reindeer with scarves wrapping paper! Check out these teeny tags as well, so cute! Now we just need to put up the tree; ahh I'm getting excited! 

The classics are great of course, but if you want to add some new songs to your holiday playlist this year check out these new albums:
via Starbucks; I'm loving the Shins version of "Wonderful Christmastime"

You can get all 58 songs on Sufjan's latest Christmas album for just $15. A great deal!

Why not use this occasion to buy a new dress? I like these options for under $100.
Express - Because you know you can always use a little more sequins in your life.

H&M - This dress is only $18 and I love it! It's so sassy.

Apt. 9 via Kohl's. Super color appropriate and you could wear it to work, too!

I'd love to hear your holiday tips! What are you serving? Who are you wearing? And let me in on your favorite holiday songs!

Thanks again to LaDawn for her part in this post! Please follow her on Twitter @ladawnouellette and Pinterest and support her shop for your next party!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Treasures #8

This Tuesday is the first Tuesday I have ever owned an iPhone! It's about time! It's a big commitment for me because I'm on my own plan and it's definitely an investment in my future (aka two year contract future). Anyway, this Tuesday night I'm going to share some iPhone accessories I'm coveting. Please let me know what apps and gadgets you've found most useful for your iPhone! I'd love to hear!

Kate Spade, who I am obsessed with, makes this perfect case for me because I always knock on wood! 

This Holga Lens attachment available at Urban Outfitters is so fun!

Just awww. From SunSupplies on Etsy.

When I told Andrew I was doing this post, he asked me to do a sloth post instead. Luckily, you can find just about anything on the internet. (Via sharpshirter on Etsy)

Wow, so pretty! I've never seen a replace home button until this gorgeous Swarovski one (via The Fancy).

This is super gorgeous as well! Oh, I just can't make a decision here! 

Hope you're all enjoying your Tuesday night! I really do want your suggestions on iPhone accessories and apps! Help a sista out!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Beauty Blogger VoxBox Review

"Influenster is a free-to-join community of invited trendsetters who live to give opinions of products and experiences. Influenster creates links between brands and members to reward participation and influence future products." (Definition from Influenster) I joined this site just a little while ago, and then I was chosen to receive and report on the Beauty Blogger VoxBox! Above are the contents, so exciting!

First up; I just let you know how i felt about these Bath and Body Works mini candles the other day, but I found the first picture I took of it and it looks so nice next to my pumpkin beer! Mmm, pumpkin.
Not Your Mother's makes salon quality hair products that you can find at CVS, Walmart, and ULTA Beauty. They proudly make their products in the USA! I received a sample of the Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream. My hair isn't too frizzy, but I also have a lot of flyaways on the top of my head. This cream, which smells great and doesn't weight my hair down, does the trick! I really want to try the Way to Grow shampoo and conditioner because my hair is really fine and grows slowly. I'm always looking for great affordable solutions to that!

This NYC Individual Eyes Custom Compact is awesome. I don't usually wear eyeshadow, but having this in my possession has resulted in greater eyeshadow usage! I got the Dark Shadows compact, but I'm tempted to pick up some of the other shades. I often want smokey eyes when I go out, but I am not confident with makeup and wear very little. Luckily, NYC provides you with easy instructions for this product. They also include an illuminator shade, which really puts a great touch on the look. For only $4.99, look for the compact matching your eye color and give it a try!

These spin pins from Goody are a really cool idea. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier I have really thin hair, so these don't really work well for me! I normally do put up my hair this way most days, but two bobby pins are all I need. In the description it says it does the work of 20 bobbies, to give you an idea. I do see on their website that they make mini spin pins for fine or thin hair - so that sounds like it might work better for me. I think if your hair wasn't too thin or too thick, this would be perfect for a quick hair-do. The pins are really simple to use and there are instructions for a few different styles on the package.

There were two more products in my VoxBox - the KISS faux eyelashes and the EBoost Daily Health Booster. I have to be honest, I am way too afraid to try the eyelashes. Anyone in the Grand Rapids area want to give them a go in my place? I did have the E-Boost. It tasted all right as far as powder added to water goes. I didn't notice an increase in immunity or anything, but I also didn't get sick. I am not a huge fan of orange flavored things, so I don't see myself buying a package of these anytime soon. I would consider getting some of these and using them as an add-in to smoothies. I think that could be an easier way to use this product.

So what do you think? Will you try (or do you already own) any of these great products that Influenster shared with me? I already snagged another mini candle from Bath & Body Works and I'm thinking about getting another NYC Individual Eyes Compact for the holiday season. Most of these would also make great stocking stuffers! It's crazy how soon Christmas is coming. Hope your Monday is very un-Monday-like!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Best Soirees Have Photobooths

 These photos are from the photobooth we helped create at our friend Gaby's birthday party, the theme of which was bowties and sequins. I've been wanting to share them for so long and she fiiiiiinally uploaded them to facebook, so here are some of my favorites! Above is the group shot, of course.

I love this last one. Where are they going? Beyond the streamers? Or are they just hiding from the camera? It's so artsy.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these and maybe gained some inspiration for your next party! I love it when people take the time to set up something like this! It creates some silly memories! Happy Thursday. We're almost to the weekend!!!