Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Treasures #9

It's that time of year! Over the weekend I worked on gathering my family's Christmas lists, but I also had to figure out some things that I want! Since no one can afford the new MacBook I desperately need, I've come up with some alternative ideas. 

I am loving this camera bag from Jo Totes, it's so gorgeous! Who would have thought camera bags could be such a nice accessory? And for just over $100, it's not too expensive. Crossing my fingers that I get this come Christmas morning!

What could be better than this shirt sporting a classic quote from a classic movie, Home Alone? PebbyForevee on Etsy makes it happen! If you weren't aware, Home Alone is my most FAVORITE movie!

I love TV on DVD, but Andrew thinks DVDs are pointless. They kind of are, but there's something so great about popping in a DVD of Sex and the City every once in a while! At the top of my list this Christmas would be "My So-Called Life." I was a little young when the show aired, and the time I tried the rent it from the library it was all scratched up! Since I love Claire Danes and her name is Angela in the show, I've always wanted to see that one beautiful season in its entirety: )

Can't do a list without a little Kate Spade, I just can't help it. These Locked in Studs match a bangle I have and I'm crossing my fingers I score these under the tree!

Finally, I live in Michigan so I need some updated winter gear. I've been keeping my eye out for some Oxford boots, and these ones from Zara and kind of what I'm looking for. I also need a new coat! I'm thinking just a knee-length puffy black one like this one from J. Crew factory. Mmm, warmth.

What's on your list this year? I know this post seems awfully greedy, I also think it's important to give to those in need this season! I'll do a post about that soon: ) Happy almost hump day!

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