Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How I Met Your Mother

Do you guys watch How I Met Your Mother? I love that show! It's so relevant to my life. Not that I live in NYC or have friends quite like that, but I just love the references and humor in the show. From the jokes about Canada, to Robin Sparkles, to Slap Bet, to Maury Povich being everywhere all at once, to Ted reciting an Italian poem at a chic soiree, this show cracks me up to no end. A lot of my friends prefer Big Bang Theory, but I just think it's cheesy, no offense! Anyway, revisit some of the funniest shows (this list is from 2009, so it misses out on the most recent season finale, which was hilarious; magician's coooode) and get ready for the new season to start in a few days (Monday, September 24th).  It will be legen- wait for it...

P.S. who do you think the mother is??? I TOTALLYYYY know. Have you figured it out?


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