Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Gorgeous Grand Rapids Autumn Morning

Andrew and I volunteered for the United Way 5K in downtown Grand Rapids the other morning. It was so hard to wake up after a long day of moving (with more moving to be done later that day), but it was so worth it because it was a gorgeous morning (and Starbucks was open early, thank goodness)! Here are just a few shots we took while waiting for the runners to race by:
 Hey, it's not so cold out here! And have you tried the Anniversary blend? It really is kinda spicy!
 We were stationed at the Sixth Street Bridge. Not really an area of GR I have been in, but so pretty!
Pretty city.
 Hey, cutie pie.
 When I told him to smile.
 When I tried telling him to frown. Look at the pretty fall tree!!!
 Boy band wannabe.
After a day of moving, no shower, not enough sleep. Rejuvenated by the beautiful morning: )

Happy Wednesday! They are just about to talk about women using Old Spice on the Today Show, which is what I use! Women's deodorant doesn't cut it for me: / Now I don't feel so weird!

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