Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tigers Game in the D

Happy first day back to school or back to work after the long weekend! Yesterday I attended the Tigers vs Cleveland game in Detroit with Andrew's family and our friend Gaby! I only have pictures of Andrew, Gaby, and me however. Anyway, we lost the game 3-2 and there were no home runs or anything, ugh! At least we had great weather and got to hang out in Detroit. Have I mentioned how much I love Detroit? I still think it's a great city.

We took an A/C break in the gift shop. $60?!?!? I took a free picture to remember it by because that is outrageous.
Beating out the slow moving little girl to get my piggy bank picture. Move it or lose it!
 Andrew didn't like my piggy nose.
Only group shot and Andrew has to blink!
That's a pretty neat Lady Liberty!

The Tigers juuuuust lost the second game in this series. I don't know why because Cleveland totally sucks! Come on Tigs! 
Who do you root for? I wish I had gotten to see a few more Tigers games this year. Although I like fall, I really hate football, so I'm bummed that baseball is (kind of) almost over this year. Keep it going and make the playoffs, Detroit!

Goodnight friends!

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