Sunday, September 16, 2012

Photo an Hour / My 24th Birthday!

9am: Enjoying a cup of coffee to start my 24th birthday off right!

10am: Andrew made me Nutella-stuffed French Toast!!! It was soooo yummy!

11am: Andrew gave me a Kate Spade watch that he knew I wanted because of Pinterest! So excited! Then the tweet made it even better!!

Noon: We stopped by the Eastown Street Fair. I wanted the black cat named skunk. Gaby and I had cute outfits on, and the weather was so beautiful, so two pictures were necessary here!

1pm: We just barely made it to the Team Trivia tournament. No one on our team could go, so Gaby joined! The questions were ridiculously hard.

2pm: Half time at the Team Trivia tournament. Probably the easiest question we had.

3pm: Finally leaving the tournament. Gaby asks us questions we might actually have a shot at knowing.

4pm: Nap time!

5pm: Checking facebook for happy birthday messages!

6pm: Cleaned up the house for guests/preparing to go out for dinner!

7pm: High-fiving the mural before dinner.

8pm: Our soft-core veggie pizza from Brick Road Pizza! Yummy.

9pm: Pretty accurate group shot post-dinner with Andrew, me, Gaby, Erika, and Ryan.

I had such a nice birthday! Andrew did a really great job of making it all about me. So it was perfect! It's not pictured, but we have some serious ice cream cake from Coldstone leftover as well. So so delicious! Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Looks SOOOOOOO FUN! I love you and wish I was there! I love the mug you started your day with, and the pizza looks sooo yummy! Your new apartment looks awesome, where are you living? I also want skunk the cat! Adorable :)xoxo

    1. This is still the same apartment, we move in like three days, eeeeeee, not ready and not really that excited! But I will post pictures of that when it happens! Miss you too<3