Monday, September 3, 2012

Romeo Peach Festival

Yesterday I went to the peach festival in Romeo, Michigan with my parents. There's not much to say, so I'll leave it to the pictures!

 We walked around the carnival but didn't ride anything. This ride was 4 coupons which equalled $5! Rip-off central.
I wonder how long ago these things were built! I liked how vintage they looked.
 I wonder what the inside of this one is like...
 Since my birthday is in a couple of weeks, and I won't see my parents that day, they treated me to a piece of deep fried peach cheesecake.
It was pretty delicious, although it's strange to have warm cheesecake!
 We took this photo for my grandma because she likes Woody from Toy Story. Howdy!
Enjoying peach iced tea and peach lemonade during our snack pitstop.
We stopped at a farmer's market on our way out of town and I realized there had been no pictures of my mom, so we took a fall preview photo in front of the corn field!

Today I am going to the Tigers game with Andrew, his family, and our friend Gaby. I am excited! I haven't been in a couple summers. What have you done this long weekend? Happy Labor Day!

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