Friday, September 28, 2012

ArtPrize 2012: Part 1

I have been so incredibly busy, so I've had all of two hours time to see ArtPrize this year. No wonder the outdoor pieces tend to do so well, outside is the only 24/7 venue and we didn't even get downtown until half an hour before the venues officially closed. We went to West Coast Coffee first, where we saw this fun vinyl piece! 

Then we walked around outside because we wouldn't have had time to stop in any museums: / We saw some really neat things though! These animals were made out of recycled materials. I'm all about that!

This one is so cuteeeeeeee!

This is how it looks right before a T-Rex skeleton eats you.

Doug a.k.a. BIG BUBBA

Muahahaha, so silly.

This one is super pretty! Last time I checked it was in the Top 25.

We accidentally ended up going to this space, called High Five. I loved it! I love getting to go into secret spaces, and this was certainly that. I proceeded to tell lots of people to go though!

Photos of a hand, like way blown up, (I think)

 Verrrrry relaxing piece. The chairs were a nice touch.

Paper cutouts!

Shot of (most of) the space

Have you gone to ArtPrize this year? It just seems like everyone I know is way too busy and that's such  a bummer! I love getting to see all the art but I have no timeeee. I have to work tonight until late then wake up early and work, but I am determined to go with Andrew before the Top 10 voting is over tomorrow night! What piece is your favorite?

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  1. This whole exhibit looks really great! Love the recycled animal creations!