Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Format > Fun.

Anybody else feeling a little hipster-egotistical because you, like me, loooooved The Format back in the day, and then they reformatted, so to speak, and became Fun.? I saw The Format open for Something Corporate my sophomore year of high school and then "Interventions and Lullabies" became one of my all time favorite albums. Every song is amazing. The Format never got insanely popular, but they were so good! So so good. Even if you do just like Fun., you need to please check out that album! My favorite song from it will always be "The First Single (Cause a Scene)" but there are zero good versions of it on youtube, so I'll refrain from posting one that's not going to get you excited. Check it out on their myspace though. (Does anyone actually still use that??)

Anyway, so then Fun. came along, and I knew they existed and had downloaded their first album that I never really listened to because it just wasn't the same very good. I was home a month or so ago and listening to the radio station that plays the best music in town, so you know, whatever is popular and not too much rap or country. I hear Fun.! Whoa! I mean, hey good for them, but how strange! So I guess this is the new anthem for life now or something:

So who do you like? Fun.? The Format? or all of the above because you love Nate (the vocalist)? Just wanted to throw the discussion out there!

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