Friday, May 25, 2012

A Stroke of Bad Luck

andrew and i drove home (to port huron for the long weekend, yay!) and we talked about how a lot of bad luck has struck us lately. there's no denying that we are really blessed to be able to go to croatia and italy in two weeks (from today!), but lately things have just been tough! andrew's car was totaled in that accident a month ago and he still hasn't found a new car, then my check engine light came on yesterday, so i had to take our remaining car into the shop this morning. also, our hours at work are likely being cut, and since we have the same job and no other jobs, that is tough. i guess those are the main things, and i don't want to complain, but geez! i can't wait to find a job that actually requires the college degree i worked so hard for, and that i feel is making a difference somehow. hopefully after our trip i will find something.

anyway, i wanted to share this video - i came across this song when i was making a "breaking bad" playlist on spotify and i couldn't stop listening to it! it just makes me want to wiggle around and dance dance! or close my eyes and imagine i am on a tropical island listening to this! they are so talented.

so today i have a million little errands to run, which i don't mind. luckily i can use my dad's car while mine is being fixed. keep your fingers crossed that it isn't anything major. i wish public transportation was a little more viable where i lived!

oh well, enough complaints for today. the stop war on women rally last night was great! there were quite a few people there, and i saw the mayor, who i was hoping would support the cause. i really urge you all to stand up for your rights so they aren't taken away!

happy friday: )

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