Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let's Go Today, In a Heartbeat

i cannot believe how soon we are heading to croatia! today is may 2nd, and we leave june 8th. i am a little concerned because i feel like so many plans still need to be made for the trip and we need to buy a few more things on our croatia list... and in the meantime we are trying to figure out andrew's whole car situation. but overall i know it will be great, and i think we have most things booked at least - plane tix, hotels, villa, boat... yes! a boat! we are sailing between some of the islands for a few days of our trip. this is something i have never done. i have barely been on a moving boat (i have a few times though!), so i am somewhat nervous for this leg of the trip. i'm sure it will be amazing, and i read that the sailing is pretty smooth! we are also going to be staying at a villa in dubrovnik, which is where they are filming the game of thrones scenes that take place in king's landing. i realllllly hope they are filming there when we are visiting! that would just be an added bonus.

since we are actually flying into and out of venice, italy, we are also spending about two and a half days there at the end of the trip. i have been to italy, but not venice. i'm sure it will be gorgeous and that the gelato will be my friend. 

i wish i could post more details about the trip but i honestly don't know what it holds for us. we are hoping to go on a kayak tour in dubrovnik, which is pretty much the only water activity i have any confidence or skill at. we also want to venture a little bit into bosnia and herzegovina since it is so close by. montenegro too? and we'll be driving through slovenia to get to croatia from italy. 

have any of you been to croatia? where is your next trip to?

*i did not take the photos in this post, but i will soon have my own!

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