Sunday, May 27, 2012


this weekend, andrew and i came home to port huron for memorial day weekend. i brought summer clothes, because i looked at the forecast the other day and it was supposed to be hot and mostly sunny all weekend. alas, it was hot and sunny friday when i decided to forgo the beach, and now it's been mid-60s and rainy for two days. anyway, i obviously love being home with my cats and all my stuff that is still here, and a target one mile away as opposed to four. so here are a few hipstamatic prints to represent my weekend!
just crossed into canada. the red lights are from a canadian casino right on the water. kind of an eyesore.

waiting in line at customs

canadian treats; tim hortons cafe mocha, really good chips, milk chocolate 'buttons', and a coffee crisp, of course.

some of my favorite decorations in andrew's family's cottage. his dad and the other owner are both dentists.

there is a map of the tube downstairs! it is so awesome, but most of it is blocked my bunk beds, so i didn't get good pictures.

"we laser toenail fungus." oh, canada.

so we stayed the night in the cottage. it's really cute! too bad we didn't have nicer weather, but it was fun watching 'old school' (i hadn't seen it), eating treats, and seeing all the tacky old furniture and decor. and i love how everything in canada is also in french. we drove by an all french school! mind you, this is right across the u.s. border and not far north in canada at all. 

how is your memorial day weekend treating you?


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