Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ear Candy

three things i've been listening to lately:

alex winston:

dude, this girl is awesome! i'm kind of bummed i hadn't heard of her sooner, but better late than never, right? she is actually from the detroit area, which makes her even more cool, and she sings about some really interesting subjects. check her out!

"choice notes" - 99% certain this was shot on Heidelberg street in detroit.


one of the reasons i love london-based fanfarlo is that they use so many instruments in their music, which is something i appreciate (like beirut!). i have seen them three times, 2x when i went to sxsw and once just a few weeks ago in ann arbor. they put on a really great show and were genuinely excited in ann arbor that there more than 40 people in attendance. anyway, they have two albums out, the most recent called "rooms filled with light." this is one of my favorites from said album:


icona pop:

my instructions to you are: turn up real loud and dance! i don't know anything about icona pop. i just love it.

"i love it"

i am also very excited to announce that youth lagoon is coming to michigan on july 13th. he'll be at the crofoot in pontiac. listen if you haven't, and come to the show: )
two days after that, andrew and i will hopefully be volunteering for andrew bird at frederik meijer gardens. it really is a super amazing venue for a concert.

what music can't you get enough of right now? and what's your summer concert schedule hold?

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