Thursday, May 3, 2012

What I Wore // We All Scream!

yesterday was a very warm day, so i told andrew he had to buy me ice cream. "life's short, eat dessert first," i quoted. so we went to eastown sweet treats for the first time, which carries hudsonville ice cream - michigan made and super delish! the inside of the place kind of stunk, literally, so that was a little disconcerting, but our treats did not disappoint. i got a chocolate/toasted coconut ice cream, and andrew had superman. i had gone to the mall beforehand to order andrew's swimsuit, and while i was there i picked up a summery yellow skirt (on sale) and some pretty nail polish. i love jcrew, but they are very expensive. if you ever go, make sure to show your student ID and you get 15% off! even on sale, even at the factory outlet! i didn't know this the first time i went, so i'm just passing it along: )

anyway, photos:
andrew = superman

not attractive! but ice cream so yummy.

get it

no good pictures of my outfit either


my pretty new  nail polish!

what i wore:
sunglasses: forever 21
tank: jcrew factory outlet
skirt: jcrew
sandals: target
ring: h&m

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