Friday, May 4, 2012

Star Wars Day

i hadn't seen schuyler in a couple of weeks because of car crash busy-ness and other crazy happenings, so luckily she was free to go shopping and catch up with me around downtown grand rapids this beautiful friday afternoon. i met her at her building after being semi-harassed by a scary man on division ave, and she was going for a "diva pocahontas" look. get it, girl!

first we went to the shops at monroe and division, aka modiv, specifically to the new goodwill shop, blue. it is basically like goodwill has sorted through their donations and pulled out the really good stuff and upcharged it slightly for their trouble. fine with me because i do not have patience for thrift store racks!

not used; was afraid this was too 'little girl' but
i bought it anyway. the back is really
neat but i didn't get a photo!
i really like how this looks and it matched
my sandals EXACTLY, but it was just too
thin and see-through for $48. wahhh.
schuyler wore her new dress out!
check out the shops at modiv: )

then we walked over to minty keen because i had never been there before! we tried to go one other time, but the hours are a bit scattered so it's best to try them during the day. the owner, angie, has the neatest shop setup and items for sale and it's certainly a must stop shop downtown. 
pretty banner in the window 
glass and cup collection 
such fun lion art!
poses in front of the curtain of love
wanted to show off my nail polish, but
it's hard to see. it is however,  a
nice minty color!
may the fourth be with you!!! hahahaha i love it.

then we had a little more time to kill before picking up andrew from work, so we stopped at schuler's for a snack. another great local business. (and the coffee is delicious)!

lemon poppy seed!
we then retrieved andrew from worked and stopped at home before grabbing dinner. my dress from kohls that i ordered had arrived, and it fit! yayyyy. here it is:

and then we headed to cinco de mayo! this is what i want to do every friday for the rest of my life. cinco de mayo is a super yummy restaurant downtown that really good nachos supreme (and other food) and great drink specials. i haven't been in a while, but they have a $4 32oz oberon on mondays that they serve in a giant chilled mug. this is a new obsession though - the frozen sangria margarita. perfect for relaxing after a week of work!
sangria margarita?! YES. $5!
love at first sip.
schuyler explaining that the strange ringing noise
was just aliens warning of their takeover of cinco de mayo.
our talented and friendly waiter, george doing the balancing act.
such a fun afternoon! i love the warmer weather even though our house is humid and full of bugs. i also love to explore all the neat places in grand rapids. so much to see: )

fyi, what i wore: 
blue jean jacket - scored at a clothing exchange
tank - urban outfitters
belt - target
shorts - forever 21
sandals - target
ring - h&m


  1. I love your new dress! not little girl at all, super super cute!!! And too bad that other one is $8 bucks, its so kewt as well! Miss you! xo

    1. thank you colleen! i just have to figure out if i will get enough use out of it to keep it: ) miss you too<3