Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beach Comber

this weekend has been gorgeous, so andrew and i decided to get our base tans started for croatia at the beach! we drove to saugatuck, a really pretty town (that i had never been to!) about 40 minutes away on lake michigan. we went to the state park and it was great, way nicer than grand haven (crowded and often dirty) or holland (also super crowded). i think we have finally found a beach for us on the west side! it was about a mile walk from the parking lot to the water, but it was really beautiful!

then we made it to the sun!
 rocking my film camera and new john lennon tank from h&m <3
yes, andrew is on my nsync towel : ) i vividly remember finding this at a meijer in my youth for like $7 and making my parents buy it for me.
then as i started taking some pictures of andrew, a nice woman said she would take the photos of both of us, and didn't mind taking multiple, some in the sand, some in the water. i still have some faith in people!
well i guess they are a little blurry, but still fun. i don't have an action setting on my digital. so anyway, after we left the beach we checked out downtown and had an oberon and some food at the butler restaurant out on the deck. great end to the afternoon!

now that we are home, i know i got the sun i wanted. major tan lines! if you wondered, andrew and my swimsuits are both splurges from j crew.

part of our beach playlist today (on the drive, andrew as dj):
architecture in helsinki "do the whirlwind"
b52s "rock lobster"
belle and sebastian "sukie in the graveyard"
ben keller "how it should be"
beyonce "countdown"
best coast "boyfriend"
billy bragg and wilco "ingrid bergman"
cat stevens "on the road to find out"
conor oberst "nikorette"
the faint "southern belles in london sing"
fanfarlo "luna"
rodrigo y gabriela "tamacun"

today's beach reads:
andrew - "the hunger games" by suzanne collins
angela - "the city of falling angels" by john berendt - it's about venice, italy!

i hope you all had a relaxing weekend! what did you do to enjoy the weather?

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  1. We went to Atlantic City this weekend for our anniversary... way too chilly to be getting in the water yet though! Speaking of which, I love, love, love your suit!

    1. awesome, i have never been! just watched funny escapades in how i met your mother episodes. we just put our toes in. and thanks! i like it, too: )