Sunday, July 22, 2012

Croatia 35mm Film; Part 2

another few choice photographs from the trip taken with 35mm film:

on our way to a vineyard on the island of vis for dinner, we were able to stop for this photo op.

inside is the "blue cave" on the island of bisevo. at the right time of day the sun makes the interior glow. don't have great photos of the inside, but definitely a sight to see!

a view from our villa, which was in the village of prijevor, near dubrovnik. unfortunately a fence (and a snake sighting) kept me away from that orange tree!

taken outside the pile gate of dubrovnik

andrew's favorite souvenir

inside the walls of dubrovnik

<3 dubrovnik

andrew and his sisters in montenegro - i totally regret not making them step on that weed though!

spotted a cat while walking the wall of dubrovnik

view of the area that we took off on our kayak tour. we learned that a game of thrones scene was shot here!

outside dubrovnik's walls. such beauty!

i can't believe we've been back just about a month. i wish i could always be on vacation!

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