Monday, July 30, 2012

Making Friends

andrew and i have been making so many new friends lately and also catching up with some old ones!

one of my best friends, colleen, just took an amazing road trip from california to michigan with her boyfriend, ryan. they are two of my favorite people, and i was so happy that they stopped in grand rapids to stay with us! we had some ice cream at jersey junction, caught up with our old friend dan fisher, saw our even older friend roger play a show last minute at mulligans, and had brunch at san chez the next morning. i got to see her again the next weekend at home and the weekend after that here in grand rapids! i rarely get to see her and i hope she moves to grand rapids and lives with me forever!

we have also made a few friends from steelcase! with the influx of summer interns and andrew becoming one himself, there are a lot of new faces around our age. we joined kathryn, gaby, and brian for dinner and drinks the other night and told them about our love for mangiamo's happy hour. we all went yesterday right when it started and stayed for six hours. it was insane. they have a lovely outdoor area and yard games, so it just made sense to hang out, especially with the beautiful weather. we have had so many laughs and good conversation after getting together just a couple of times. we even went to hopcat to top off the evening.

brian, me, andrew, kathryn, and gaby!
i've been somewhat down on myself lately, so days like these really help uplift me! i am also beginning a part-time/trial position at steelcase on a new website launch team, so cross your fingers that it goes well and can turn into something great!

happy olympics! i've been enjoying all the amazing athletic abilities this weekend. these people work so hard for this!

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