Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Since I have let myself go without blogging for so long, I need a prompt. Currently...

Game of Thrones season 3 has two episodes left. I read ahead and finished the corresponding book. I've been stressing about how they will fit everything into this season, when I found out they are not covering the whole book this season. Who will die?!?!?
Also, Arrested Development season 4 is happening this Sunday. I am so excited! We are also having a couple fun things like frozen bananas and catering by ICE. Are you doing anything for the big day?

Listening to
Not enough. NPR, Kate Nash's newest album, and random stuff on Spotify. Music suggestions? Send them my way!

Our trip to Turkey and Greece in late summer. We bought the plane tickets a while ago and haven't done much else. Now it's time to start booking a boat, a villa, etc. It's getting kind of expensive, but otherwise I'm excited!

Thinking about
Lots of things. I just started a new job, got some good news from the doctor, and had a fun trip to San Francisco and Napa. But I'm a worrier as well, so I always have something on my mind. I'm so happy that it's finally warm outside and that my allergies are finally letting up!
Oh, and I'm thinking about those in Oklahoma. That's scary stuff.

Looking forward to
My first paycheck from my first "real job."
Also, this weekend! We are celebrating Memorial Day with friends and also watching Arrested Development. If it's warm enough, I think we'll head to the beach as well.

Well, I finally finished the third Game of Thrones book, and then I whipped right through Lean In, which I highly recommend. Now I'm working on re-reading our book club book (my pick!), The Lords of Discipline, and a couple other books like Change by Design and Quiet.

Making me happy
Watching my cat Stevie sleep right now. He's all sprawled out on his back like this:



  1. Your holiday plans sound great, Greece is awesome! I'm really in love with newest Caro Emerald disc, if you like retro pop ;) And your cat is super cute!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion! He is cute, and very soft^.^