Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lovely Llorys Turns 90!

Gotcha! The internet isn't even that old! But the namesake of my blog, Llorys, my grandmother, turned 90 about two weeks ago. If you haven't read my about me, my middle name is Llorys after my grandma, as is my mother's, so that's where I got the idea for my blog name. I still like it after a year, which is about how old Lovely Llorys the blog is, but enough about that, here's my grandma!

Llorys was born on March 21st, 1923 in Minnesota. I looked up the year 1923 to see what was going on. Time Magazine debuted, Yankee Stadium opened its doors for the first time, the Hollywood sign was inaugurated in California (it said Hollywoodland back then), Disney was founded, and the first refrigerator was sold in Sweden.

My grandma lived through some major changes. She recalls WW2 and dealing with ration coupons. She considered herself an old maid when she was married at 24 (I'm 24!). She has no interest in getting a cell phone or computer. Just to impress/motivate you, she still drives, lives alone in the house my mom and siblings grew up in, and has no major health issues.

For her 90th birthday, my mom and aunts had contacted some people to card-bomb her. Not only did friends, family, and extended friends send her cards, but she received something from the Detroit Tigers, Barack Obama, our state senator Carl Levin, Mickey Mouse, and the "special tribute" shown above from the state of Michigan. How cool!

My grandma is a very cool lady. She has a monkey collection and also collects Woody (from Toy Story) things. She has a very good sense of humor and is still "with it." She even knows who Justin Bieber is, and made me feel silly for asking if she did. I'm very lucky to still have her in my life!

Here's to 90 more years!

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