Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Don't Stop Imagining

today i ate a delicious cupcake, which is so against my diet, but i haven't eaten anything that decadent in at least a week. then just now i checked the mail to discover a package sent to both andrew and myself, but i couldn't resist temptation so i opened it without waiting. it's a valentine package full of candy and treats from his parents, so i will try not to eat any before i see him!

yesterday's happy hour at mangiamo was as fulfilling as expected. i had a glass of sangria and two glasses of chardonnay, andrew had a sangria and a beer, and then we each had a crab cake slider, split the goat cheese fondue dip and a green olive pizza, and everything was just $25! a much better deal than going out for valentine's dinner. i'd highly recommend their happy hour! we then stopped at uncle cheetah's soup shop for some ice cream, which as i suspected they didn't actually have. they had malted ice cream though, so we had a honey/caramel/coffee creation which was delicious. also a great place in grand rapids to check out! a good v-day on a budget!

today is a pretty standard day; work and errands, but tomorrow our boss is taking us to the MSU vs Wisconsin basketball game in east lansing! i have never been to a game there, so i'm excited! it's always nice to work for someone that likes and appreciates you: )

this whole pop-up card thing might be a more daunting task than i had originally planned on... i will post some pictures of the few that i have made soon. not that i have any followers, but if you happen to read this, please let me know what you think!

happy hump day!

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