Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Okay, It's Never Too Late To Save a Blog, Right?

if i can't be interesting in real life, i can at least be interesting on the internet, right? and yes, there's facebook, but usually going on facebook makes me feel bad about myself, so i try to post only important things, like online petitions and the fact that pinterest removed this picture of an elephant because of "nudity." bogus, man!

anyway, i think i should blog because i'm not good at saying the things i mean out loud. plus, i want to remember what i did on this day, valentine's day, 2012 and all the days after. so far i have mostly just gotten mad at facebook posts even though i have a valentine. but some people just overdo it and i'm annoyed. i also made a pop up card, which is like, my new craft. i invested $25 in it so far, so at least all my friends and family can expect some sweet pop up cards if i don't end up selling any. idk, i think it could be a thing!

i have also been listening to the beatles allllll morning. because i love them. cliché, but it cannot be helped. HELP!

so here i sit. i'm flying to florida in three weeks with my honey pie and i just got my j. crew swimsuit. it's super cute and i've been sort of eating lighter to compensate for my pale skin. i don't want to be chunky AND pale. andrew and i are also planning to go to croatia with the rest of his family this june. i didn't know a lot about croatia until we talked about going there. it should be an amazing trip! and they are filming game of thrones there, so that makes it extra worth it.

this evening andrew and i are going to happy hour at mangiamo. they have the BEST happy hour and it's seven days a week, which is great because one of us is always working during it on the weekdays. with some exceptions like today! i can't wait for sangria and goat cheese dip. then i'm hoping to persuade him to take me out to coldstone for some love it size scoops. yum, muah, all you need is love.

bonus points if you can figure out how many times i inserted a beatles song up there; )

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