Saturday, February 18, 2012

Comeback Kid

I tested out the panoramic function on my new digital camera at the msu basketball game we attended on thursday. we won, btw. and we had pretty good seats! it was the first msu game of any kind i've ever been to and it did not disappoint. i was especially impressed by the izzone. it made me wish i had went to a school where we got that excited about anything. see; ferris state bulldogs hockey team ranked first in nation. see; angela never did make it to one of those games. see; i don't really like hockey anyway.

anyway, this morning andrew and i went to TIM HORTONS!!! there is finally one in grand rapids. it's not really conveniently located to where i live, but it was well worth the commute for a lovely breakfast. man, i love that place. we got a coffee, hash brown, breakfast sandwich, cinnamon roll, donut, and a cafe mocha for $7. then i bought a pound of coffee for $8 - that's a great deal. it took everything i had not to steal the plates our food was on. i could just stock my kitchen with their mugs and cute little plates. afterward we stopped at ghetto meijer (kalamazoo and 28th) to pick up some vitamins. for those of you who don't know, i have very fine hair and i'm very afraid of balding, so i'm trying out some hair, skin, & nails pills. i got a 40 day supply for $5. i will update you on my hair growth progress. please cross your fingers: )

later on tonight, andrew and i are helping cater an event at steelcase town hall for the urban institute of contemporary arts (uica). it should be interesting to see and at least we'll make makin those dolla billz y'all.

florida is in 2.5 weeks! can't wait to hit up miami will smith style. and disney world eli manning style.

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  1. Hey girl! Wow, Tim Horton's is amazingly priced for sure!

    My friend told me prenatal vitamins are free at Meijer, and have really made a difference in her hair and nails. A possibility to pursue if these other vitamins don't work out.

    Super cool blog! Keep me updated...I'm always interested in reading blogs, but always seem to forget, between Twitter and Facebook and email. Nudge me, will ya? I'd love to keep up! "D