Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm Looking Through You

it's been a week at least, but i am not giving up on my blog! promise. so these are pictures of my new craft venture - pop up cards. i have only made 5 so far and probably spent about $35 on paper and cutting supplies, but i figure i can at least save money on buying cards for occasions by making them myself. i made an early mother and father's day card, a thank you card, a card for andrew's mom's 60th birthday, and the first was a card for andrew for valentine's day. i like it because while it is creative, it is also structured. not to mention how thoughtful it is!

SO, this week. andrew and i booked plane tickets from toronto to venice, italy in june. we are going to croatia for two weeks and it was about $400 cheaper to fly out of toronto than detroit or chicago. we are going to spend our last couple of days of the trip in venice, since we have all been to italy, but not to venice. exciting! i am so ready for gelato, gondolas, exploring a country up until now i knew absolutely nothing about, and just traveling in general.

florida is in a week and two days! we pretty much have our itinerary set - a day in miami, a day at disney's magic kingdom, and some other excursions like a detroit tiger's spring training game. it will be a nice low budget get away since we didn't get to go anywhere last year (if i haven't already mentioned that).

other than that we have just been busy working and trip planning. andrew needs to get everything set up to start taking classes at ferris GR to get his degree after all these years. i have found a mentor at steelcase who is trying to help me find a job more suited to my skill set. i am really appreciative for her help and hoping for an exciting opportunity here in grand rapids. i was so ready to up and move to chicago (but andrew can't join right now so that's not ideal) but if i can find something here, that'd be great! i will keep you updated.

happy oscars! who do you think will take home that golden man tonight?


  1. These are super cute cards!!! Of course, the one I love the most is the one with cupcakes. Looks good enough to eat! ;D

    I love pop-up cards, so I would buy them. I've bought this type of card for people in the past. (You could make a little pop-up book! Those are adorable.) If you want to see some super elaborate ones, we can go to Barnes & Noble or to the Amway Grand gift shop. They are huge scenes and way intimidating for a first project, but might give you ideas.

    Super glad to hear you've got a mentor to help you find a more suitable job while Andrew gets through school. Assertiveness definitely helps in the job market; sounds like you're starting to use that skill. Go, you!!! I'd hate to lose my Tim Hortons and CoffeeMate/cheesy breadsticks buddy to Chicago so soon! I know you may have to leave sometime, but...for now, I'm very happy you're here. :D

    1. thanks schuyler! yeah we should go look at them! i've seen some online but i up to this point think all that is beyond my skill set. but yes, inspiration!

      i really do think good things could come of my new mentor friend. she seems really willing to do what she can to help me out. and chicago doesn't have cheesy breadsticks from grpd or tim hortons! i don't want to go yet either!