Saturday, April 28, 2012

Don't Stop Me Now

soooooo, andrew got into a car accident on thursday. i had been working allllll day long and he was just trying to surprise me with a jet's pizza for dinner. we were going to have a lazy night. instead, while we were talking on the phone, both of us almost home, i heard a horrible awful noise and andrew yell and then say "i just got rammed! i gotta go!" and i was shouting, asking where he was, but he didn't answer. i assumed he had gone to jet's and headed that way. he got hit right next to a hospital by one of the hospital's busses. yes, a BUS. on his driver's side. the whole window shattered on him. thank god he wasn't any worse off than a little dazed and upset, although later that night we spent 3.5 hours at the hospital making sure. the bus driver was about 70 years old and had one passenger. they both said they had a green light so andrew ended up with the ticket. he is of course fighting it. i am confident in andrew's version of events and his driving ability - even while on the phone - and this whole thing has just been super unfair. his car is totaled, so we will be on the used car hunt. we just don't have time for this! but i am of course thankful that he is okay.

so that's a bummer. but we'll obviously figure something out. we are however, down to just my car right now which proves difficult since we have the same job. i guess we will be utilizing the bus for the first time!

i will leave you with a really beautiful flower arrangement that was my being-a-good-helper gift! the morning of andrew's accident i got to help with an event at steelcase called the growth summit; i was something like job shadowing my new friend/contact jill. i was planning on helping friday as well, but then i had to work the entire day in the nourishment bar since andrew couldn't come in. anyway, she sent me an email that she had left flowers for me, so here they are. it is so nice to have flowers to look at!

have a wonderful weekend!

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