Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Scrambled Eggs

so i took a break from the blog again, but then i had a meeting yesterday where i was asked by two people if i write. i think they asked because i really like social media, but i was still surprised that they both wondered this. so i told them about this dinky blog and found some motivation from that scenario to update!

team zissou (my trivia team) has been in full swing these last few weeks trying to get invited to the finals. i don't think we will make it, but it's been fun going more often and testing our knowledge. last night at gipper's we won! i mainly contributed on the beatles question, "what huge beatles ballad did paul mccartney call 'scrambled eggs' until he actually wrote the lyrics?" i guessed "yesterday" because of the number of syllables, and scored one for team zissou. i will let you know if we make it to finals this season!

lately i've been keeping busy with meeting lots of new people per nancy's (my steelcase mentor) kindness, helpfulness, and large network of people. everyone has been so helpful and interesting in their own way, and i definitely appreciate people taking the time to talk with me. it's been difficult to make a name for myself in grand rapids because i'm not from here, but i have some hope now! one exciting opportunity that has come out of this is that i am volunteering for mindshare next tuesday. mindshare is an annual event put on by the grand rapids student advancement foundation, which raises money to benefit the grand rapids public school system. without them, many students wouldn't have access to musical instruments, graphing calculators, or new books in the library. it should be a really great event, and i never complain when a vegetarian amway meal is involved: )

more later. cleanin' time!

i leave you with a couple pictures from our easter brunch for dinner. i hope you all had a relaxing easter!

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