Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day!

earth day is on sunday, and there is so much going on in grand rapids to celebrate, which makes me very happy! let's start with tonight, april 20th:

Vegan Potluck 
Treehuggers, Grand Rapids 
there is a great eco-friendly store up the street called treehuggers; , and tonight they are hosting a vegan potluck. i made my favorite lemon vegan cookies to contribute, and they are having live music and sangria. can't beat it. i've been looking forward to this for a couple of weeks. anyway, treehuggers has a list on their website of hard-to-recycle recyclables that they take, and they sell great environmentally friendly/locally made/reusable products. i bought the mesh produce bags, so instead of using the plastic bags in the produce section, i will use my reusable ones now! anyway, i still need to glaze my cookies!

now for tomorrow, april 21st. i just updated my google calendar with everything that is happening, so i am attempting to narrow down my choices for the day!

A People's Assembly on Radical Sustainability in Grand Rapids 
Trinity United Methodist Church 1100 Lake Drive SE 
10am - 3pm
this event sounds really great, but 5 hours is a big time commitment! anyway, it is a community discussion of ideas for being a sustainable city. they are providing lunch (and childcare), and the schedule is split into big groups and then breakaway groups. i hope they have a lot of attendees. i would really like a few more options (like composting!) to be more sustainable where i live:) you can find more details for this event on facebook.

Green Market/Info Expo 
Main Library – 111 Library St NE 
the library actually has quite a few events going on tomorrow, but this is the one i'd likely be stopping by. here's the event details from the email: "Visit our market! Several local farmers and artists will transform the Library into a bustling market. Farmers will sell a variety of local and often free-range and chemical-free goods like maple syrup, honey, cheese, greens, and meat. Local artists will sell handmade items like pottery, clothes, jewelry, soap, crafts and more! There will be some great local organizations on hand to share green-living tips." the library always has great events! here is a link to what else they have going on.

Whitecaps vs Wisconsin 
Fifth Third Ballpark 
if the weather is nice, i hear there are $1 lawn seats at the game tomorrow. the great thing about the lawn is that 1. you don't have to sit on the bleachers, and 2. you can bring your own lawn chairs. i've been wanting to check out the new scoreboard as well!

Record Store Day 
Vertigo Music 
this is the 5th annual record store day, and it's a great way to prove the music industry isn't slowing down (and that vinyl is coming back!). many artists and labels release limited edition records for this day, and i'm sure vertigo music will have their hands on some of that. they also have live music and refreshments! it's definitely an event to stop by and check out. you can find more information for this event on facebook.

11th Annual Black Party 
Founder's Brewery 
 i'm not the biggest fan of dark beers, but this party still sounds awesome. for $10, you get admission, a commemorative pint glass, and your first beer filled in it. there is also live music starting around 6pm, and some delicious sounding food available. check out all the details here, except for the beers on tap, that's a secret until tomorrow.
i hope you all find someway to celebrate the earth this weekend! do you have any unique plans?


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    1. it does! the sad thing is that i ended up doing only one of those things - the vegan potluck. but i did check out a new restaurant that i'd been really excited to try out and then i did laundry alllll day, and it felt really good to get it all cleaned haha.