Friday, August 24, 2012

Brush: A Painting Experience

Last night Andrew and I went with several co-workers to a studio called Brush in East Grand Rapids. I hadn't heard of it until we were invited, but you go for a couple hours and they teach you to paint something - last night was wine bottles. We paid a flat fee of $35 which covered the canvas, use of paint and brushes and other supplies, the instructor's guidance, and the great tunes that kept us entertained. They also have beer and wine and snacks available. What more could you ask for!?
The signs on the paint told you how many pumps of each to add to your pallet. For some reason I ended up using a lot more gold than called for.

Very clearly the before picture!

Mary, me, Andrew, and Kay getting amped!

They served Blue Moon! I was set.

Another before shot. All the paintings on the wall are included in the different classes you can take. Shout out to Cory on the left who set the whole thing up! Thanks, Cory!

We began with our background. Our teacher, Tanya, would give us an instruction, then turn up the music to give us some time to work on each step.

Moved on to outlining and filling in our wine bottles... I stopped listening to directions when she told us which colors to paint which bottles. I didn't want the same painting as everyone else!

(Some of us concentrated harder than others)

And we emerged with our finished, professional paintings! It was fun to see everybody's. They all turned out really great but all so different!

The whole group!

What a fun evening. I am intrigued looking ahead to my birthday (September 15th) on the calendar, which is called Morning Mimosa Open Paint. If I don't make it then, I definitely think I'll be back soon for another art lesson! What about you? Do you have a place like this in your town? Anything similar? I'd love to hear about it!

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