Sunday, August 12, 2012

Filling Up On Furniture

whoosh! we had a long day on saturday. i'll start with dinner and then rewind. i've blogged about cinco de mayo a few times (here and here), and i'm always looking for people who want to join andrew and me for a drink. our new friend kathryn was interested, so we went out for $5 sangria margaritas last night, yum! our food spread that you can see surrounding us include nachos supreme, cheese enchiladas, and a delicious shrimp cocktail with pico de gallo and avocado. we hadn't tried the shrimp before and it was so gooooood.
 kathryn is only here for another month, so sad!

 you know you want that shrimp/avocado/pico glass of goodness.


now to rewind. i work at steelcase (in food services; i'm a barista!) and andrew was doing that too until he just landed an internship there in the HR department. kathryn also has an internship this summer, so that's how we met her (and we are so glad we did!) we are all in the market for furniture, so one perk about working at a furniture company is access to great sales! every week they have "employee sales", where you can get great discounts on slightly damaged items. once a year, they also have a big re-market sale, where they have a huge selection of returned items for a big discount. the re-market sale was yesterday, so we all got up early and hit it!

this SW_1 chair by coalesse retails for around $2000. we got it for $60! and the ikea throw was $6, i think it matches nicely! this was actually from employee sales a couple weeks ago and is technically an office chair, but we have it in our living room.

this leather chair by turnstone is likely to be a good reading chair. this was the most expensive thing we bought - $150. again, an ikea pillow puts the look together. the table next to it was just $5! bargains!

when our roommate moved out we were left with a huge dining room and nothing to fill it with. we got these great move stools for $30 each. we really need to find a great table for these, asap! anybody know of one?

we also grabbed a couple of dining room chairs at employee sales for $15 each. we probably shouldn't have bought these, but we couldn't let them sit there! any ideas for a use?

where do you get your furniture? i'm not opposed to thrift stores or yard sales, but for soft chairs and couches, i'm a little pickier. i think we're really lucky that we have access to some really nice things for a fraction of the price! now if we could only find a great couch!

happy sunday! are you watching the closing ceremonies of the olympics tonight? i hear the spice girls really are going to perform!

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  1. omg! I am so jealous of all of your new AWESOME furniture! I totally love all of it! nice work!