Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Treasures #5

It's been a while since I shared my Tuesday Treasures! Have you guys been in a Target lately? They have all this cool new stuff and I have so much trouble not buying it. This week I wanted to start by sharing some items from Target's Patch NYC Look Book, which are super irresistible!

Owls AND mushrooms AND foxes!!!  
Do you see the owl in the middle? I love this!

I also wanted to share a few of my favorite items from The Mitten State, which sells the neatest Michigan apparel! I haven't bought a shirt yet, but I look at their site all the time! They also donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. Aww, what a great company!

Their stuff is great, and my birthday is coming up soon - just sayin'!

Happy Tuesday!

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