Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Collections: Owls

As a precursor to a new giveaway I'm hosting tomorrow (check back!), I'm sharing my owl collection with you! I know it's like super cliche to have an owl collection now, but I started mine a few years ago, so I think it's legit. I went around the house getting things to photograph, and the collection is actually pretty sizable these days! I even have a.) more here than I didn't photograph and b.) more at my parents' house, so I'll get to do a follow-up post at some point! Something to look forward to: )

Above, left to right: Mug from a thrift store, mug from China Town in SF, painting I did of the picture frame in the below picture, cookie cutter that was a gift, and figure/not really sure of its actual purpose that I found at a thrift store.

Golden figurine from thrift store, iron-on labels that were a gift, picture frame from Urban Outfitters, napkin holder from thrift store, clips from IKEA, tea light holder from UO, little figurine from Target's dollar section, flower-owl figurine from thrift store, little figurine that was a gift, owl made of stones that was a gift. (Paper underneath is from World Market).

Clock from a thrift store. It works and is totally silent, so I love it!

Owl Always Love You decoration from Urban Outfitters, container from Urban Outfitters, bottle opener from UO (super sturdy), catch-all from UO (yeah, redundant, I know!), hot plate holder from thrift store, white container from UO, and two containers on the right end from thrift stores.

Cuff from a stand on the island of Hvar in Croatia, "Give a Hoot Don't Pollute" pin can't remember from where, two rings - one from Forever 21, the other from Rue 21, necklaces - Forever 21, gift, yard sale, etc., and a candle holder from Bath and Body Works. The painting is by my friend Brea. So detailed!

Tank top from Forever 21 and bag from Kohl's.

Towels - all gifts, mostly from Kohl's!

There you have it. I haven't been thrifting much lately, but all the well-known stores around here seem to lack owl things (darn hipsters). So I have to dig off the beaten path, but that's half the fun! I can't buy everything owl thing I find... or can I? Anyway, what collections do you have? I shared my mug collection here, and I also collect mushroom things, vinyl, pin-back buttons, and a few other things. I've always been like this - my mom claims I brought home used napkins from birthday parties, but I don't remember that.

Happy Sunday! And remember to check back tomorrow for the giveaway I mentioned: )


  1. Such a cute owl collection!

  2. These owls make me so happy! My owl problem (I use that lightly) started about a year ago :) Thanks for sharing your collection!

  3. Check with Aunt Dona; she was way into owls a few years back. Have not gotten into blogging; a first for me. This might be a good alternative to the fb timeline, which I really don't like at all!!!

    1. okay! thanks for reading my blog aunt cathy!

  4. Hi Angela, fellow owl collector here! I'd love to feature your profile in my Owlzine ( Let me know if you're interested, my contact details are on the website. You can also see the questions in Issue One. Happy to provide a contributor copy to you afterwards!

    - Anne

    PS I love the "Owl Always Love You" cross-stitch. I never get tired of owl puns.

    1. Yes that would be an honor! Will be contacting you shortly!