Sunday, October 21, 2012

Michigan Alpaca Fest 2012!

Last year, Andrew and I saw an advertisement for "Alpaca Fest." We hyped up the event for weeks, not fully understanding what it was, but determined to attend. Although no one else ended up accompanying us, we went and had an amazing time. Odds are, we know more about alpacas than you. We got to pet alpacas, learn about the two different breeds, see them get judged, and it was all free!
This year I had just assumed that they would move the show elsewhere since it's for the state of Michigan, but thank goodness I saw a tweet that led to a google search where I found that Alpaca Fest was this weekend! I would have been so upset if we had missed it! Anyway, we roped our friend Gaby into joining. She seemed hesitant, but she loved it like we knew she would. And here is what we saw:

 Keepin' cool.

Alpacas are judged on the density, color, and luster of their fur among other factors. Behavior is not one of them.

Rosie and me!

Sophia and Gaby 

Rosie and Andrew. Aw.

I also grabbed some literature on alpacas that I will relay to you to share my wealth of knowledge: 
"Alpacas are members of the Camelid family and are native to South America. Their fiber is very soft and is used to make yarn. Adults reach an average height of 36" and an average weight of 100 to 175 pounds. They have one baby a year that weighs about 15 to 20 pounds at birth. Alpacas come in many shades of brown and tan as well as white, gray and black. There are two species of alpacas, the suri and the huacaya."
The suri are the ones with dreadlocks and the huacaya are the ones you see more of, without dreadlocks. They are all super soft and adorable! I can't wait to start an alpaca farm one day! Or at least live in a house with a backyard so I can own a couple of my own.

And what did you do today?

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