Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Photo-A-Day Week 1

Boy, have I been busy! Well, part busy, part loving on our new cat that we got exactly one week ago today from a great shelter, Crash's Landing! Definitely look for a post regarding our little bundle of joy soon, but my excuse is that I've been busy being a great pet owner instead of blogging. I have not forgotten, however, to take photos for my first ever Instagram photo-a-day adventure! I found the challenge via Pinterest, from A Content Housewife. It's been fun and somewhat challenging so far! Oh, by the way, I started on the 2nd of December, oops!

December 2nd - Favorite Holiday Movie
(It's Home Alone)

December 3rd - Red
The tag on our new kitty! We still haven't renamed him, but I kind of think Stevie has a ring to it!

December 4th - Joyous
COFFEEEEE. It was so good that morning, too.

December 5th - Today's Temperature
Brrr, wasn't it just 60 the other day?

December 6th - Shopping
Gosh, I love Target...

December 7th - Bright
It was a dark day, so I improvised!

December 8th - Ornament(s)
Speaking of loving Target, I got this one there last year: )

I hope you've all had lovely weekends and are enjoying your Sunday night. I will try and update more this week! Oh, and if you want real time photo updates, follow my new twitter (for the blog, as opposed to my personal account, which you are also more than welcome to follow)! 


  1. I just nominated you for the Liebster Blog award because I love your blog! :)

    Find out more here:


  2. Great pics! Love that mushroom ornament.

    <3 Melissa