Wednesday, December 12, 2012

End of the Year List // Embarrassing Music

This is a super fun time of year because for those of us who like lists, we get to rank things like music, movies, news, and events from the past year! Andrew and I love all the top album and songs lists and he always forces encourages me to make one. I'm still working on that list, but I've been focusing on all the embarrassing pop songs from the year that made me sing, smile, dance, and sometimes pretend that I wasn't listening. Here are my top 5!

5.Calvin Harris feat. Neyo "Let's Go"
This isn't really an embarrassing one, in my opinion, but very feel-good and fun to listen and dance to!

4. Bruno Mars "Locked Out of Heaven"
This song is so so catchy. I don't really like any other Bruno Mars songs, but I always dance to this when I hear it!

3. Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe"
I thought this song was so stupid the first few times I heard it. It had like five words and made zero sense. And oddly enough, the first few times I heard it we were in Croatia! I remember trashing it with Andrew's sister Tory. But then it was overwhelmingly catchy and I gave in. Plus it always puts a smile on Andrew's face, so it was hard not to like!

2. Justin Bieber feat. Nicki Minaj "Beauty and the Beat"
This song definitely has the beat going for it. And it's in Just Dance 4, so I love to dance to it!

1. Taylor Swift "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"
This one is really embarrassing. But have you seen the video? Don't you love hearing the weeeEEEE? Ugh, I listened to this so many times this year it's sick. And it's the only Taylor Swift song I even know the name of! She sucked me in!

So what were your favorite pop tunes this year? A little Katy Perry or Rihanna maybe? Please don't say Chris Brown, I still don't care for him, ugh. But let me know! I'd love to hear: )


  1. I love the Bruno Mars song as well! And I had the same experience with "Call Me Maybe" haha. I am also a huge T Swift fan now, once she gets you she gets you good. You should listen to her songs " Trouble", "22" and " "The last time" I thin is the name of the last one with the guy from Snow Patrol. Also 22 is a great song and I pretend she is saying 25 so I feel better about myself. lol. I also really liked the song "Heart Attack" By Trey Songz, thats definitely an embarrassing one! And I also despise Chris Brown, yuck.