Saturday, February 23, 2013

Eating My Vegetables: Kale

Ugh, I can't believe I let myself go without updating for a whole week! I think I've definitely felt uninspired because I have the winter blues, and it snows like everyday and our heating bill keeps going up and up! I just want the sun and a temperature above 30 degrees! I tried not to let it all get to me, but it's getting to me. End rant! Send your warm vibes my way: )

So, I recently decided that I want to try and incorporate some new vegetables into my diet, because there are so many that I still haven't tried! My first choice was one I've had a few times before, but never actually purchased and cooked with myself - kale! Kale seems to be everywhere right now, so I figured it's about time I jump on the bandwagon. I bought a big ole bunch for $1.49 and just figured I'd make kale chips because I've tried those before. I ended up not making kale chips, but found another recipe with an Indian influence. The primary ingredients were chickpeas and kale, and I thought it turned out great! I almost always fail when I try and make Indian dishes, so I was really excited that this one worked out - and better yet, was completely vegan! Here's a link to the recipe, from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen.

{Photo from Mixed Greens Blog}

I had some kale left over, so I added it to the salad I brought to work the other day. I thought it complemented my spinach well, and tasted a bit like broccoli...? Anyone else experience that? Anyway, I'm glad I experimented with it and definitely think I'll be buying kale again.

What are your favorite kale recipes? And what other lesser used vegetables should I try next?!


  1. oohhh that recipe sounds yummy! have you tried bok choy? a lady at the farm market told me to cut it into thin strips and add it to spaghetti - it's soo good!

    1. I have not, but thanks for that hot tip! I just got a really bizarre looking vegetable called bittermelon for this week, but maybe I'll get bok choy next week!