Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

Our Valentine's Day bowling crew. "No one left behind." My team won though, obvs.

Here are my favorite posts from the week!
Kayley from Down the Rabbit Hole shared her love for double exposure photography, which is always so stunning to me. I love the examples she showed!
Trish from JellyBones posted a recipe for spiced pear cider that looks amazing and doesn't require a ton of ingredients.
Katie Ann from It's All Happening shared a few pictures from her visit to see The Chew. I love hearing about behind the scenes stuff like that! I got to go to The Ellen Show once!
I love these photos of Eastport, Maine from Amanda at Little Lady Little City. I have never been to Maine, but I would love to go.
I, too, have a style crush on Carrie Brownstein after this post from Sierra at Exceptionally Ordinary. Andrew and I have been watching Portlandia and it's so totally weird, I love it! I also embarrassingly didn't realize she made her claim to fame in Sleater-Kinney until like a week ago. Whoops!
And lastly, I love all of my girl Shell's posts on Kitty and Buck! This week she shared some mango gelato all melted over her hand. So silly and for a second made me forget about all the snow outside!

Best thing I ate this week:
I made avocado enchiladas with a side of black beans and white sangria to drink. I love making that dish because not only is it super rewarding (I bust out the food processor and make the enchilada sauce from scratch) but it reminds me of when I had the original inspiration for the recipe at the Little Chihuahua in San Francisco with my favorite cousin, Andrea! Good times.

Favorite day of the week:
I would have to go with Monday because I got two questions right at trivia! I normally feel useless, but these had to do with the Beatles so I excitedly wrote down the answers. I know you want to know the questions: 1. After what deceased celebrity was the Liverpool airport renamed for in the early 2000s. 2. Eric Clapton's wife Patty was formerly married to which rock star? I didn't actually know the first one, but I encouraged us to go with John Lennon, and George Harrison's first wife was obviously Patty! I mean, who doesn't know that?! ; )

Best purchase of the week:
I actually didn't spend that much money this week. I indulged on a half shamrock half chocolate shake from McD's a couple days ago, so I'll go with that!

Something I learned this week:
I have been watching documentaries lately - Vegucated, Freakonomics, and Hungry for Change. So I learned a lot watching those! I also got to see a doctor of Chinese medicine speak at work, so I learned about acupuncture and diet. Lots to think about when I consider what I put into my body. Andrew and I are trying to cook more and eliminate a lot of artificial things from our diet, but it's not easy!


  1. Ah! Thanks so much for the blog love!! All of these links are pretty awesome. :)

  2. Hi Angela!

    Thanks for the shout-out! Talk shows are so fun--I'd LOVE to go to Ellen.