Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Giveaway Prize Arrived!

I recently won a fun "winter essentials" giveaway from Hey Miss Pickle, and my prizes arrived yesterday!!! (I actually have an additional prize too, a credit to Stranger Bird Vintage, so I'm waiting for the perfect piece to pop up in her shop). Anyway - here's what I received!

The contents were neatly contained in this lovely mesh bag from lolobag. This bag is super fun!

This is the loot! I'm excited to try the Nivea lip moisturizer! My lips are very picky and I currently use carmex, which is just stinky.

Stevie was very interested.

Hey Miss Pickle's adorable little zines! These are so cool and creative. Thanks for sharing: )

A pretty nail polish, some lovely bracelets, and two hair clips as well!

A brooch that was made out of recycled paper! Sustainability!

Here is the necklace from IndigoBean! (Sorry about the spit stains on the mirror). I love it! Thank you!

Thanks Miss Pickle! I LOVE everything! I'll let you know when I pick out my piece from Stranger Bird Vintage as well! Happy Hump Day!

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