Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fresh Spring Rolls

Edit 1/12/14: Here from Pinterest? Good day to you! This is my most viewed blog post, due to many repins on Pinterest. I know I'm not very specific with my ingredient amounts, so please feel free to leave a question in the comments if you need help. Also, if you ended up making these, I'd LOVE to see a photo! Thanks! -Angela

Happy (technical) spring to you! The weather here still has not let up! It's proving difficult to sustain sanity while I wait for sun and warmth, but I did kick off the season with one of my favorite recipes! Have you ever had fresh spring rolls? They are one of my most favorite guilt-free snacks. I went to a dinner party last night and they were my contribution. And why yes, I'd love to share my recipe with you: ) 

Fresh Thai Spring Rolls:

For the rolls, combine the following:
Iceberg Lettuce
Black Pepper
Sea Salt
Maifun Rice Noodles
Juice of 1 lime
TBSP of peanut oil
Then soak spring rolls wrappers in warm water until soft, and roll!

Whisk these ingredients to create the peanut sauce:
Peanut Butter
Sweet Thai Chili Sauce (red)
White vinegar
Brown sugar
Juice of 1 lime
Soy sauce
Just keep tasting it until you reach the desired taste and consistency. (I barely use any brown sugar or vinegar, but lots of PB and sweet chili sauce).

These can't sit around all day. Make them and enjoy immediately! So delicious: )

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  1. I'm so hungry at the moment, thanks haha it's worse now. These look amazing!